About Us

From a young age, Tawnya was surrounded by the creative world as her mother was an artist and worked in many mediums. Although she pursued a science degree in college, she later rediscovered her creative passions. Painting led to beading that led to picking up a torch and hammer to discover how to make rings and add gemstones. Mystified by the jewelry making process, she dove into the deep end of learning and never looked back.

Tawnya focuses on creating heirloom quality pieces that you can live in everyday. Her passion has led her to many jewelry classes and certifications over the 12 plus (and counting) years. It’s a discipline of continual learning which keeps it exciting for her and is always able to offer her customers new and exciting designs.

Never being able to wear plated or costume jewelry herself without it looking terrible after a few wearings, she wanted to create a line of fashion forward, high quality jewelry made for everyday wear, stopping the cycle of buying mass produced pieces and then tossing them. Not only is it a waste of money, it is very hard on the environment. Her designs have a simple elegance that is timeless as well as environmentally conscious using recycled precious metals.

By creating fashionable twists on classics, her jewelry designs are pieces she would wear and you will want to live in everyday. They are little sentimental touchstones as well as collectible luxuries. Her hope is that you will love wearing your jewels and one day pass them on to the next generation.